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5E3000 All Tube Overdrive Pedal

This pedal has 360V inside it!  You can't use a standard wall adapter here.  This is a fully functioning tube preamp in a pedal.  The circuit is based off the famous 5E3 circuit of the classic Tweed Deluxe but has been tweaked to get the best tone in a pedal format.  The vintage incandescent pilot lamp glows when you engage this true bypass pedal. Once you turn it on, you won't want to turn it off.  Great warmth and harmonic textures are created by inserting four all tube gainstages between your guitar and your amp.

Channel 1 features the classic 5E3 circuit.  The special Knob simulates the loading provided by the interactive controls with the unused input. You can crank the volume, and as you crank the special, the volume and mids are actually attenuated just like the original 5E3. You can play with the balance of these two knobs to find an array of textures.  The tone knob has a push-pull pot to choose between the "bright" and "normal" inputs. 

Channel 2 cascades an additional and differently voiced triode into the preamp for more grit, compression and potential wildness. Here, you have the option to increase the gain of either stage 1 or stage 2.  The tone knob still works on this channel as does the bright switch.

The Master dial allows you to find the right volume level after you have dialed in your desired tones. 


This is a classic handwired tube amp in a pedal! It operates quietly and due to correct ground isolation techniques does not create ground loop hum with your amplifier.  This is a common problem with some tube pedals.  For safety the pedal uses a three prong grounded power cord.


This pedal also sounds excellent on bass and keys.  It gives great tube warmth and compression at low gain settings and a nice distortion as you push the tubes into extreme clipping.



Tubes: V1 12AY7, V2 12AX7

Power Input: 120VAC (Standard Wall Voltage)

I/O: 1/4" Mono Unbalanced (Guitar Cable)

True Bypass

Size: 6" W 10" L 4.75" H


Price: 475 USD