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Hot Fuzzy Octopus






I did a repair on a Fuzz Factory pedal and decided I had to try building one.  Katharine Andrews and I teamed up on this project.  She did the painting, and I did the wiring.  In the spirit of my hand wired amps, i tried to make this as clean as possible as I believe lead dress really has a effect on tone.  Running wires as close to the grounded metal chassis as possible protects the signal from interference. 

This pedal is totally wild.  It does crazy things!  I added a tone control and some other low pass filtering to warm up the sound.  Alongside the original, we agreed this one sounds better. 

This was just a one off, but several people have requested i make them one.  So, I'm going to be making a few of these. 

Katharine will hand paint each one with a slightly unique finish.

200 USD