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Double Decade Deluxe

The Double Decade Deluxe combines the classic 5E3 Tweed Deluxe and AB763 Black Panel Deluxe Reverb circuits and takes them to the next level. With this period correct handwired amplifier you can quietly select between 1950's tweed grit and 1960's Black Panel spaciousness with a custom footswitch.  The 5E3000 mode cascades an additional triode into the 5E3 circuit for a uniquely voiced high gain lead tone.  The 1957 channel can be routed into the 1966 channel through a level control to take advantage of the AB763's more hi-fi long tail phase inverter, negative feedback and reverb. This amp literally is two amps in one. The Double Decade Deluxe is so versatile you could spend weeks dialing in and discovering new tones.  However the best quality of the amp is that throughout the range of it's settings it retains the classic characteristic tone of it's roots.  It sounds great at almost any setting.

The amp features two different speakers.  A 12" AlNico and a 10" ceramic from Ted Weber Speakers.  The design uses a special three way switch on the amplifier so you can select between one, the other, or both speakers.  This is a great feature in the recording studio.



22W 2x6V6 push-pull output

5AR4 full wave rectification

6 preamp tubes: 1 12AY7, 2 12AT7, 3 12AX7

Switchable fixed (adjustable) or Cathode bias

One speaker can be run at 16Ω or 8Ω or two speakers can be run in parallel at 8Ω or 4Ω

Custom footswitch requires a 5 pin DMX connection

Custom solid wood cabinetry can be made to order

50W 2X6l6 Double Decade Supreme can be made upon request


Base prices:

2X10 combo:  2600 USD

1X10 1X12 combo: 2700 USD

Head/Speaker Cabinet: 2900 USD

Head only: 2000 USD