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As somebody who handbuilds tube amps in a vintage style, I am versed in vintage tube circuitry and in troubleshooting it.  It's amazing that in an amplifier with hundreds of solder connections and components, just one bad connection or failing part can cause the amp to malfunction.  From crackles, to hums, to blown fuses or even smoke, i can troubleshoot and repair the problem. I can also perform an array of modifications to your amplifier that can improve or tweak it's performance.


Amps I've Repaired in the last 2 months. (Febuary-March 2017)


Blackface Princeton Reverb, Ampeg VT-40 (two of them), Gibson GA-5, Mesa Boogie Transatlantic TA-30, Longhorn Texas Tru Tone, Allen Accomplice, Gretsch 6162, Musicman 2100-65, Silverface Vibrolux Reverb, Fender Hot Rod Deville (three of them), Fender Blues Deluxe, Fender Deluxe Reverb Reissue,



When this 1954 Tweed Deluxe came in, it had not been working for several years.  It had endured some funky repair work in the past and was no longer wired correctly. Capacitors had failed. The owner requested I rebuild the amp.  It was unique opportunity to work on a vintage piece without the pressure of destroying the vintage value.  With it's old iron and speaker, this amp sounds excellent now!

Before. The amp did not pass signal. It "Hummed like a banshee"  The non original grounding work created several hum producing ground loops.

At the owner's request i installed modern Film tone capacitors, period correct carbon composition resistors and cloth wire,  redid the grounding scheme and eliminated ground hum, added shielded cable on the input connections, replaced a non functioning potentiometer, and installed a non invasive (and easily removable) bass cut mod and switchable negative feedback mod.


This is a totally reworked Blues Junior.  These are great little amps, but it always seemed like something was missing...  I built a new solid pine cabinet. I installed new transformers and now the amp runs on 2 6L6 @ 35 Watts.  I removed all the ribbon cables to the tube sockets so proper lead dress could be done with cloth wire. I replaced and upgraded the filter caps.  I tweaked the Tone stack values to the standard treble mid bass stack of the Blackface era amps.  This added the deep bass that the amp had been missing. It's a different amp. 

When this came in the table did not spin and the amp did not work.  Tubes and capacitors had failed. I rebuilt and retubed the amplifier and cleaned 60 years of gunk out of the motor.  Now it sounds great!