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The Twangolux Is the perfect amp for the gigging musician who needs a powerful and high headroom amp in a reasonably sized cabinet. The handwired Twangolux is based on the classic 1960s circuitry of the AB763 Black Panel amplifiers and features 40W from a pair of 6L6 output tubes into two different 10 inch speakers.  Switch between using both the AlNiCo and ceramic speakers simultaneously or either one individually.

The Twangolux was designed special for notorious Seattle Telecaster player David Miles Keenan who is the master of Twang.  It only made sense to build a mechanically bypassable delay effect into the amp. Engage rockabilly slapback or spacious echoes with the amplifier's custom footswitch which also controls the reverb and a subtle lead boost.

The controls are simple and retain the lush and punchy tone of the larger AB763 amps throughout their range.  The amp sounds great every time you turn it on.

The custom cabinet which is built from solid woods resonates nicely and warmly projects the sounds from the Weber Speakers.

The Twangolux is ideal for the jazz player who needs the clean punch that the 6l6 tubes offer.  It is also a great platform for pedals because of it's high headroom.  If you're playing at a venue where you can crank it, the twangolux will break up into sweet tube distortion.



40W 2x6L6 push-pull output

5AR4 full wave tube rectification

4 preamp tubes 2 12AX7, 2 12AT7

Switchable fixed (adjustable) or Cathode bias

one speaker can be run at 16Ω or 8Ω oe two speakers can be run in parallel at 8Ω or 4Ω

custom footswitch requires a 5 pin DMX connection

Size: 24" W X 10.5" D X 18" H

Weight: 50 LBS

Custom solid wood cabinetry can be made to order


Base Price:

2x10 combo 2500 USD